Sunday, January 15, 2012

School Spirit Week - Week of Jan. 9th

Cam's got spirit, how about you? At Wellerwood School, students and teachers were asked to optionally participate in Winter Spirit Week...Monday= Pajama Day.
This was, by far, Cameron's favorite spirit day. Who doesn't want to stay in jammies all day? Of course, he did pick out his newest Elmo jams to wear, given by Grandma on Christmas day.

Tuesday= Crazy Hair/Mismatch Day
. Cam wore a plaid shirt and camouflage pants and most days, his hair is already crazy!

Wednesday= Hat Day
and Cam wondered why Elmo didn't have to wear a hat as well.
Thursday= wear your favorite color which, for our handsome boy is red.

Cam's collection of Elmo's has grown over the past couple of years. It seemed quite silly to hang out in a basket with his red buddies, but Cam had a great time showing them one of his favorite Sesame Street books.

In light of spirit week..."Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm....." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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