Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Day of School! - Week of Sept. 5th

The warm fall weather provided the perfect excuse for a park outing! Cameron's Dad introduced him to the "swing chain twist"- twisting the chain so that it releases and twirls you around and around.

Cam went down the slide solo and then wanted to wait at the bottom for any other kids to go! Such a sweet boy...

Before Cameron attended his first day of school this fall in a new pre-school classroom with a new teacher, he had to have a haircut. Chris took Cam over to Snip-Its and the school-bound boy sat in the chair by himself and had a great experience.
When Jane arrived home from the gym, there was her handsome son proudly showing off his new do.

Thursday was Cameron's first day of school and he anxiously awaited outside for the big yellow bus. He decided that Elmo should wait with him, even though Elmo doesn't travel on the bus ride to his class. He was excited about riding the bus again and since he's a "seasoned" student now, it didn't phase him at all.

Cousin Coco couldn't wait to see her buddy after his first day back at school!
And Cam was definitely happy to see her and show off his first day of school smile!

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