Monday, November 19, 2007

Qtr Year Old - Week of Nov 12th

Another great week for Cameron as he quickly passes a quarter of a year old! Cam's personallity is really starting to show now (for better or worse) . He is definitely awake a lot more and always looking around with his eyes wide open just taking it all in. Looking back it is so hard to believe the he has come so far in such a short amount of time. Chris and Jane are so excited about his progress.

His latest accomplishments include propping his bottle with his hands (this was a one-time show, but gave his parents a break!) and watching everyone's facial expressions. He even seems to mimic people by trying to stick out his tongue out if you sticks yours out first. His head and neck are growing stronger every day as he notices his surroundings more and more.

On Sunday, Chris, Jane & Cameron took a car ride up north so that Cam could meet a few of his cousins that hadn't seen him yet. It was a great day full of sunshine and Cameron was passed around the family and was completely happy to see everyone.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful (and restful) Thanksgiving holiday.

Chris, Jane & Cameron have so very much to be thankful for this year!! Love to you all...

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