Sunday, November 27, 2022

Lots of Giving - Week of Nov. 21st

"Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting." ~Brian Tracy                                                                                           
"It is not happy people who are thankful.  It is thankful people who are happy." ~Unknown

Friendsgiving is known as a Thanksgiving celebration with one's friends. In Cam's homeroom at Northern High School, experiencing Friendsgiving is a tradition.  Monday's lunch for Cameron was a literal feast.  Everyone contributed and Cam's teacher even sent Jane an email indicating how delicious his mashed potatoes were.

Tuesday was Cam's last day of school for the week and the sunrise was most spectacular.  An afternoon substitute bus driver misunderstood Cam's request to pull up close to the driveway.  Instead, he drove our high schooler all of the way up his driveway to drop him off.  Now that's front door service!

We welcomed Oma and Opa on Wednesday afternoon and with all of the upcoming prep work for turkey day, the family opted for a Culver's dinner that evening.

Thursday morning, we got to work straight away.  Max provided our fresh organic bird earlier in the week, which he raised and 'prepped' for the big day.  Cam and Opa busied themselves with the stuffing preparation.  Oma brought her homemade cranberry relish.  After Chris carried the ~27lb bird to the oven, we all took a break.  Next up was peeling and cutting potatoes, preparing the sweet potato casserole and green beans.  Everything was in progress when Coco, Max and Calla arrived with homemade carrot soup, our first course in the upcoming meal.  We enjoyed light appetizers as all of the items baked away.

Thanksgiving for our family is a reminder of everything we are thankful for.  At the top of this list is each other.  As we gathered around the table for our literal feast, we were all marveling at the spread.  We talked about our own traditions and favorite parts of the meal.  Coco, Max and Calla were the perfect addition to our day.  Dessert, which we had to eat well after dinner, consisted of homemade apple turnovers and peanut butter bars topped with chocolate.  Everyone enjoyed ice cream to round out the options.  We bid farewell to Coco, Max and Calla and then gravitated to the living room where we watched a Disney movie, "The Pacifier."

Friday was relaxing as we tackled some indoor projects, included finishing the Christmas tree decorations.  We did enjoy turkey day leftovers and watched another Disney movie, "Freaky Friday" which was apropos.  Oma's Christmas cards were completed and ordered and we knocked another item off the list.  Jane was also happy to be wearing a holiday sweater that Oma had given to her own mother.  After all of these years, it is still in great condition and very festive.

Oma and Opa packed up Saturday morning to head back to Grand Haven.  We thanked them for all of their help and company.  

The Raisch family arrived in time for the kickoff of the big rival football game, University of Michigan vs. Ohio State.  The game took a major turn in Michigan's favor in the second half.  The final score was 45-23 and although the game didn't turn out in our friends' favor, everyone maintained their sportsmanlike conduct.

That evening, Cam's parents told him they wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate U of M winning the game!  A new Mexican restaurant, El Centenario, was now open so we opted to support local.  The meal was delicious for each of us and we're happy to have another option close by.

As we continue to partake in our leftovers, we hope each of you enjoyed your own celebrations and know that our thankfulness includes you too!

Camology Quotes:

After our authentic meal on Saturday, Cam shared a very helpful suggestion with his tutor, Ms. Ann.  One of her grandchildren is named Bexley.

"Ms. Ann, Bexley should go to El Centenario since he is learning Spanish.  He could speak it there and order his dinner in Spanish!"

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Here Comes The...Snow - Week of Nov. 14th

 "There's nothing like that first snow.  Soft as a cat scruff and bleach white, so bright you can almost see your reflection in it." ~John David Anderson

Growing up in Michigan, Cameron knows the weather can change quickly.  We often talk about how local meteorologists anticipate the first big weather event of the season.  The excitement kept growing as did the expected totals of snowfall in Grand Rapids.  By mid-week, it looked as if the forecast may actually come to fruition.

Wednesday at school, Cam and his best bud Brody were fortunate to see their good friend, Mrs. Festian.  She was at the high school to see the dress rehearsal of the high school production, Shrek.

By the time school was finished on Thursday, the snow began to fall more quickly and with more purpose.  As we watched the local news that evening, schools were already closing.  A little after 11pm, Forest Hills Northern joined the others for Friday's snow day.  

Chris made it to work Friday morning, but was home by lunchtime.  For his first official snow day of November, Cam helped his mom make Oma's turkey tetrazzini recipe and we continued to see the white stuff drop from the sky.  That evening we watched the movie "Unaccompanied Minors" centered around a group of teenagers stuck in an airport on Christmas Eve due to a snowstorm... how ironic!  Cam loved all of the shenanigans and we enjoyed a good laugh.

Saturday's haircut for Cameron had to be rescheduled as the outdoor snow globe persisted in our local area.  It was impressive to witness layer after layer continue to climb.  The lawnmower Chris and his son converted into the snowblower saw plenty of action as Cam's dad cleared our driveway a few times.  The guys cooked up their famous homemade chili in the afternoon and we made cornbread to accompany the chili for dinner.  Being stuck at home was made better by choosing another movie that evening.  Cam had wanted to see "Gigi and Nate" when it arrived at theaters in September.  Since we hadn't seen it on the big screen, we found it for rental on a streaming service.  The flick is based on the true story of a quadriplegic and a capuchin monkey.  It was the first movie Cam had ever seen that depicted someone in a powerchair and using a ceiling track.  He couldn't believe it!  Throughout the viewing, Cam commented about similarities and differences.  Our conversations continued long after the movie ended.

Sunday morning, we busied ourselves peeling almost 20 potatoes, chopping them up and boiling them. Cam had signed up to make mashed potatoes for his class Friendsgiving, scheduled for Monday.

Grand Rapids/Montague: Sunday

After lunch, the snow had stopped falling and we decided our cabin fever had come to an end.  We drove to Montague and oddly enough, our 10 inches of snowfall in Grand Rapids amounted to less than 2 inches at the lakeshore.  The clear roads were welcome and after we gathered a few things at our cottage, we settled in at the Haroldsons.  Our turkey tetrazzini made the trip and our early dinner was accompanied by fresh fruit, warm bread and a salad.  Coco made the most delicious homemade peanut butter bars we had ever tasted.  The shining sun made for an impressive sunset.

We settled back into the van for our trip back to Grand Rapids since it was a school night.  During the drive, the conversation turned back to the movie once again.  We agreed it was refreshing to see the powerchair population represented.  One of our favorite quotes from "Gigi and Nate" was provided by the main character.  "We thought we were rescuing her.  The truth is, she gave us the one thing we needed most. Help."

Camology Quotes:

While eating our delicious turkey tetrazzini, Chris requested more "tetrazOnni" and Cam corrected him right away.

"It's tetrazzini, Dad.  I got you on that one!"

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Balmy to Brisk - Week of Nov. 7th

"How did it get so late so soon?" ~Dr. Suess

Time zones were first introduced in the United States in 1883 by railroad companies. In 1918, they were codified into federal law by the Standard Time Act, which also included a provision for nationwide daylight saving time modeled after European laws designed to save energy during World War I, but that component was repealed a year later due to protests by farmers. Many states subsequently introduced daylight saving time, and in 1966, the Uniform Time Act standardized the dates when it begins and ends. Hawaii, most of Arizona, and the U.S. territories have opted to observe permanent standard time, but the Uniform Time Act forbids observation of permanent daylight saving time. The Sunshine Protection Act would establish a permanent daylight saving time in the U.S., leading to later sunrises and sunsets during the four months in which most of the U.S. currently observes standard time, resulting in less sunlight in the morning hours and more sunlight in the evening ones. 

The fall time change of moving back an hour isn't as disruptive as the spring ahead one, but our family agreed that we are hopeful The Sunshine Protection Act becomes a federal standard.  In the meantime, Cam and his mom did enjoy the lighter mornings on their journey to the end of the driveway for the bus each morning.  With some milder temps this week, we opted to set up the igloo at Brody's be Cafe on Thursday early in the evening.  Our small crew worked quickly and the 70+degree weather felt amazing.

The weekend brought much cooler temps and also Cam's best bud, Brody, to our house for some hang out time.  The guys ate Culver's lunch, played some games, and watched a movie. 

In his true helping character, Cameron split his project time between his parents.  First up was a store run with his mom to our local D&W.  A new addition to the grocery aisles is a robot cleaner named "Callie" who roams the area cleaning the floors.  Cam thought it was pretty cool to watch the robot navigate around barriers, just like he does with his own powerchair.

The chillier temps meant it was also time to convert the lawnmower into the snowblower for the upcoming wintry weather.  

The best part of any mundane task is always a more positive and better experience with a cool kid named Cam!

Camology Quotes:

In his teen years, Cam seems to be honing in on his sense of humor.  Taking cues from both parents, he is learning to throw out funny and sarcastic bits.  When Chris announced one evening he had to exercise and wasn't necessarily looking forward to it, Cam threw out this piece of advice.

"Have fun to your heart's content, Dad!"

Sunday, November 6, 2022

All About the Spirit - Week of Oct. 31st

Spirit Week is a common tradition all over America but not many people know the origin of Spirit Week. In 1952, Palo Alto, CA had the first model of Spirit Week which was known as "Friendship Week" at Palo Alto High School. It was intended to welcome back students. However, this progressed into a half-week celebration, and in the 1960s, Friendship Week was renamed Spirit Week. Since the 1990s, 75% of American High Schools celebrate Spirit Week.
We received an announcement from Cam's school announcing Spirit Week.
  • Monday, Oct. 31: dress up for Halloween
  • Tuesday, Nov. 1: candy corn wear (freshman=brown, sophomore=orange, junior=yellow, senior=white)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 2: white lies (wear a white t-shirt with a "lie" written on it)
  • Thursday, Nov. 3: pajama day
  • Friday, Nov. 4: no school!
Cam rocked his Brody's be Cafe be-rista outfit once again at school to start off the week.  On Tuesday, Jane found a brown m&m shirt in her closet for the brown day.  
For the white lies day, we asked our ninth grader what "lie" he wanted on a white tee.  Without hesitation, he smartly said "I have never driven a wheelchair" and we all laughed.  Chris went a step above the sharpie marker and printed out letters on his cricut machine.  He only had the bright green color for the cutouts but it still looked great!
Pajama day is always a favorite.  Cam chose the frog jams and a Northern high school t-shirt for his Thursday outfit.  Showing school spirit is a positive aspect and rallies the student body together.  Cam is a big fan!

Friday's first order of action was to sleep in.  Cam stayed in bed until 8am and Jane had the morning off of work.  After a restful night, it was time for chores.  Jane's son helped her change the sheets on the beds and he also transported the laundry cart to the washing machine.  Afterwards, mom and son headed off to gas up the van and stop at the grocery store.  Cam loves to lead the way in the store since he knows where everything is and the aisles are nice and wide.  Even the checkout clerks know him by name.

Saturday's list included cleaning up the back deck and gearing up for a fun evening.  
Ms. Ann was scheduled to arrive around 4:30p.  The plan was for Cam and Ann to drive to Grand Haven and meet Oma and Opa for dinner at Russ'.  It was very windy with gusts over 50 mph.  After they arrived and were seated, the power went out!  They decided to leave Russ' and headed to Culver's where all electricity was working and in use. 
Meanwhile, Cam's parents were headed out for their own evening of excitement to attend the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Gala. It was a roaring 20's theme and held downtown at the DeVos Place. Chris borrowed Cam's bow tie and suspenders that he's worn for multiple weddings.  Everyone was dressed in their best and following an inspirational program and delicious dinner, a live jazz band provided the evening entertainment.
It seems Cam enjoyed his Saturday night as much as his parents.  We were thankful for Ms. Ann staying so late and even more thankful to have the next day to relax together as a family!

Camology Quotes:

We sent Ms. Ann a few pictures throughout the evening to show Cam how we looked in the roaring 20s outfits since they left before we had finished getting ready.  Cam's response to the different attire:

Regarding Mom: "Ooooohhhhhh. She looks pretty."
Comments about Dad: "He looks like the dad from Mary Poppins."

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Being Cam's Parents - Week of Oct. 24th

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everyone has an identity... "Didn't you live in the house on the corner?" "Are you Stacy's sister?" We are all known as "someone" and oftentimes it is due to someone else. From the time Cam began his schooling and engaging in community work, Chris and Jane became known as "Cam's Mom" and "Cam's Dad" versus people knowing their first names. When we go to the store or out to dinner we'd inevitably hear "Hi Cam!" followed by "Oh you must be Cam's Mom and Dad!" 

We had given the non-profit organization Renew Mobility our (formerly Alternatives in Motion) permission to use Cam’s pictures. On Wednesday evening, we were slated to attend the 3rd Fundraiser for Renew Mobility at the Fowling Warehouse. Fowling is a hybrid game that combines the equipment of American football and bowling into one sport with a similar layout as horseshoes and cornhole. Renew Mobility provides mobility equipment to anyone who needs it and the fundraiser was appropriately named “Fowling to Keep 'Em Rolling” in honor of raising money for equipment repairs, etc.  When we arrived, every reserved table was adorned with candy and brochures that depicted a familiar kid on the front!

Cam's best bud, Brody and his mom, Jenn joined us.  Brody agreed to be a costume judge as did our favorite local news anchor, Tessa.  Jane and Tessa are both on the board of directors for Renew Mobility.  There were raffle tickets sold and Chris and Jenn both won some prizes.  Cam chose to dress up a "be-rista" from Brody's be Café this year.  Brody wanted to present Cam with the top costume prize, but we all agreed it was a conflict of interest. Everyone had a great time and we even played a bit of fowling.  Brody borrowed Jane's phone and had fun snapping some selfies!

On Friday, we were scheduled to volunteer with Brody and his dad at the Pumpkin Prowl.  This event was organized by the Ada Business Association and DiscoverAda.  More than 50 businesses opened their doors or created a parking space setup for their biz to pass out candy.  The social district was also available for adults to grab a cocktail-to-go at one of the many restaurants.  The local police and fire departments were on hand and there were more than 1000 kids expected.  We brought over a cornhole game which was extremely popular with the kids and kept us all busy.  

Ms. Ann, along with her daughter, Katherine and her family all stopped by to see us!  Katherine was Cam's nanny for more than 3 years when he was younger.  It was so much fun to see her kids and check out their dinosaur costumes.  We also saw one of the former PT students who Cam used to work with- Ms. Kelcie and her little ones were excited to meet him.  The teacher who taught summer school ran right over to our son when she spotted him.  The sunshine felt warm until the sun went down.  We ran out of candy at 7p and promptly packed up our area.  We all may have been a bit thankful since the chilly evening had us feeling a bit frosty.

Saturday was slated to be another sunny day.  We loaded up the van and drove to Oma's for a quick stop to drop off items and fix their printer.  Then we were on the road again to see our cousins.  Lake Michigan didn't disappoint with the glimmering sunlight dancing on the water.  Cam brought his old Elmo treat bucket to Calla so she would be ready for Halloween.  Dinner was delicious and relaxing due to Coco and Jane dividing up the meal prep.  Since the sunsets are much earlier now, we were able to see the beautiful hues along the horizon disappear before we headed back to Grand Rapids.

Pumpkin carving was in full force this week to decorate the office where Chris works and the non-profit Café we love the most.

Even though Chris and Jane are widely known as "Cam's Mom" and "Cam's Dad" respectively, it is a moniker for which they are very proud and most thankful for.

Camology Quotes:

Chris had to work later one evening this week and called Cam to say goodnight.  Before signing off, Cam's dad told his son, "Good night, young sir" to which his funny teenager responded:


Sunday, October 23, 2022

Cause and Effect - Week of Oct. 17th

"Take away the cause and the effect ceases." ~Miguel de Cervantes

On a daily basis, we take so many things for granted.  
Walking up steps, moving around a barrier, squeezing through a tight place... and the list goes on. In the 1970s electric operators for sliding and swinging doors were introduced, as well as motion detectors to activate sliding doors. The low energy swing door concept and the first handicapped access door operator were also introduced in the 1970s.  

Due to Cam's insistence and avocation, the handicap buttons for the doors at the high school were fixed this week and he was so happy and relieved.

We made it to the weekend and had quite a bit planned for Saturday.  After packing a lunch, we traveled to Oma and Opa's in Grand Haven.  It was breezy, but the sun was shining so we opted for an outdoor dining spot in their courtyard.  It is so serene and peaceful.  We had a great visit for a few hours and then continued northward.

Our stop at the Haroldson cottage was also met with abundant sunshine.  We sat outside admiring the beach and Lake Michigan for the remainder of the day.  The appetizers were plentiful and the conversations continued until it was dinner time.  We had pre-planned a dining experience in town at a place we hadn't tried before called Oh Brothers.  We all met there and found it to be quite busy.  After a thirty minute wait, we were seated and enjoyed a great din with cousins Coco, Max, Calla and Eric.  It was after 9:30p when we arrived back home in Grand Rapids but the later drive was definitely worth it!

Sunday afternoon was reserved for a visit to the pumpkin patch at Deep Roots Produce not far from our house.  We were so happy that Brody's family could meet us there too.  Not only did the area include a sprawling patch of pumpkins, but there were also goats and alpacas to pet and feed, produce for sale and a mini donut food truck.  We explored the entire patch and each family picked out multiple pumpkins.  Jane bought some produce and the kids shared mini donuts.  Once again, we were blessed with the sunshine and mild temperatures.  Stay tuned for some expert carving!

Camology Quotes:

Cam likes to watch the news and is especially interested in the traffic and construction.  Every time we drive to see Oma and Opa, he will explain, in great detail, what upcoming orange signs we will be seeing and alternate routes we could take.  Jane told him he sounded like a "back-seat driver." To which he responded:

"What is that?  Does it mean I am in driver's training?"

Sunday, October 16, 2022

The Advocator - Week of Oct. 10th

“My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically.” ~Stephen Hawking 
“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” ~Christopher Reeve

An advocate is defined as a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause.  To advocate for someone is to "support or argue for."  Since Cam was in grade school, his teachers have always urged him to speak up when he feels something needs to change or things should be handled differently.  It's taken some time, but our 9th grader doesn't hold back anymore when he realizes if he's not vocal for himself, no one else may be.

This week, Jane attended parent/teacher conferences at the high school.  Cameron supplied a verbal list of things his mom needed to bring up.  One: "The handicap doorway I drive through in the morning after getting off the bus doesn't stay open long enough for me to drive through."  Two: "I would like things to work on every day after school with my tutor, Ms. Ann."  Cam did bring these up to his teacher which was confirmed during the time Jane had with her.  Cam's primary teacher told his mom she was impressed with his comprehension and daily schedule adherence.  She pointed out some things we can work on at home and talked about Cam's thankful manners and how much they are appreciated.  Jane's mom deemed it a successful meeting and gave her son a full report upon arrival home.

Saturday afternoon we had set aside time to meet up with Oma and Opa in Grand Haven.  After attending to a few things, we ventured out for an early dinner.  We tried JW's near downtown due to the favorable online reviews.  The entryway was a bit problematic for Cam and not very accessible, but the food was tasty.  

After our leisurely meal, we headed back to Rosy Mound.  Upon arrival, we all met up in the community room where another resident, Betty, was looking for others to play Rummikub with.  None of us had even heard of the game so it took a bit of time before we all finally acclimated to the rules and strategy.  We had such a fun time learning something new and rooting each other on.  Betty ended up winning and we all agreed we would need a repeat match another time.  

Prior to heading out, we took the elevator to the second floor.  Cam's grandma wanted her grandson to see the bird aviary located there.  It is a beautiful cabinet containing a dozen or so colorful small birds. Their chirps are quiet and they each have a tiny house within the cabinet along with greenery and other foliage.  The birds seem very content with their glass-walled home.

As we made our way to the exit, we thanked Oma and Opa for hosting us.  Every time we are there, it's a different experience and upon leaving, Cam always asks when our next visit will be.

Sunday was our day to relax and work on home projects.  One request from Cam's teacher was to send in a tray for Cam's powerchair to school.  Jane explained at the conferences that we had one but since the adjustments to Cam's chair, it no longer fit.  Of course, that didn't stop Chris and his son from completing some modifications to the existing one by removing the hardware and repositioning it.  Then, as a final task, they sanded the tray to remove the harsh surface where the bolts were in place previously.  

Once again, Cam and his dad completed the task in what Jane considered record time!

Camology Quotes:

Friday was a half day of school for Cam, so Jane took the afternoon off of work.  Mom and son finished lunch and then got on the road.  They stopped at Heidi's farmstand and then made their way to Brody's Be Café. Cam was able to watch and listen to Rachel interviewing a potential employee with special needs for one of the berista positions.  Cam talked about it on the drive home.
"She did a good job answering questions.  I don't think she liked that her grandma was trying to answer for her.  I hope she gets the job!"

Sunday, October 9, 2022

The Fun of a Fundraiser - Week of Oct. 3rd

“No one has ever become poor from giving.” ~Mary Angelou

Our week was building up to the first big fundraising event for Brody's Be Café on Thursday evening.  
It also made us wonder...who started fundraising in the first place? 
Quick Fundraising History Facts:
  • The Sung Dynasty ran soup kitchens in China in the 10th century. 
  • In 1552, Roxelana, wife of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, opened a charitable complex in Jerusalem for widows, orphans, and the poor. 
  • The Zulu tribe’s tradition of giving, in which givers and receivers are equals, was established in the 17th century. 
  • The word “philanthropy” came into the English language in 1600. 
  • In 1601, the Statute of Charitable Uses is passed in England, putting the responsibility to care for the poor on local parishes. The revolutionary thing about this practice is that the implementation of what we’d now call “programs” was done in the private sector, but overseen by the government. 
  • Benevolent societies and charitable endeavors like schools, refugee relief, orphanages, and hospitals popped up all over the world in the 18th and 19th centuries. 
  • The Salvation Army ran their first Christmas Kettle street campaign in 1891.
Modern fundraising started with the YMCA. Frank L. Pierce was tasked with raising money to build a YMCA in Washington D.C. In two years of campaigning, he raised $270,000, but still needed $80,000, and donations had stopped coming in. In 1905, Pierce partnered with Charles Sumner Ward. The two men created a campaign to raise the rest of the money, trying things that no one had ever done. 
  • Pierce and Ward engaged a publicist for their campaign and used corporate donations to pay for advertising 
  • They purposely kept their campaign short, capping it at 27 days 
  • They created a “campaign clock” to measure the time passing. It worked very well. Pierce and Ward raised the money, and by 1913, they were working internationally, running multi-million dollar campaigns using the techniques they’d developed.   

Brody's Be Café non-profit organization sold tickets online, provided drinks and food, and a professional auction!  Cam was in charge of oversight duties, audio/visual with Chris and greeting people.  Jane had printed posters, created bidder numbers and the registration list.  Fishbeck, where Chris is the IT Director, was a sponsor for the event and Cam's dad made the cool lighted café sign that a couple was lucky enough to win in a giveaway.  The evening was incredible, watching over 150 people in our community support the mission of providing employment to individuals with different needs and abilities.  This non-profit cafe's motto is "We believe everyone belongs and we can work beside one another." At the end of the event, everyone walked away with a "Thanks a latte!" cookie.

Oma and Opa arrived on Friday to stay with us overnight and attend Cam's last baseball game Saturday morning.  We woke up to a cooler weekend and everyone was bundled up for the WMML field.  The wind was brisk and we are quite certain the concession stand may have run out of coffee and hot chocolate.  Patti and Steve arrived to surprise Cam as well.  The sun appeared briefly during the medal ceremony and Coach Mark was just as excited as each of the players.

Following the game, our family unit with Cam's grandparents made the short drive to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch.  Although we waited quite awhile for our midday meal, we were seated next to the fireplace and college football appeared on every tv in sight.  Our food was delicious and we bid farewell with thanks to Oma and Opa for being with us.

We were on the road again driving northward to attend our first Canadian Thanksgiving celebration.  Canadian Thanksgiving is observed on the second Monday of October.  The holiday in Canada started in 1859 when Protestant leaders called on the colonial government to create a day for giving thanks.  

Coco's husband, Max is from Canada and Molly's husband, Jude is as well.  Even though it was still chilly, the sun shone
brightly on Lake Michigan in the mid-afternoon.  The turkey baking in the oven smelled wonderful and as we visited with everyone, the evening arrived too quickly.  We all sat down around 7p to dine on Thanksgiving mainstays.  Delicious desserts followed the feast and the entire setting was so relaxing.  Before we knew it, the 9p hour was approaching and it was time for our fam to get back on the road to GR. 

Cam was especially proud of himself as we headed out and said, "I was really patient, wasn't I? I did not keep asking you when we were leaving."

Camology Quotes:

On the night of the fundraiser, the auction was held in the church sanctuary right across from the café. One of Cam's duties was to be certain people didn't bring any food or drink inside.  Perhaps next time, he'll need a whistle.
"People are not listening.  I keep telling them.  We need a sign!"